Chill Bro Brooks Koepka Doesn't Even Practice


Brooks Koepka is arguably the best golfer in the world right now. If there’s something keeping him from breaking through to truly elite status, it’s his pedestrian performance in non-majors. Everyone knows he excels under the brightest lights.

Why? Well, he was asked. Apparently, it’s because he practices before the big events and says screw it the other weekends.

Imagine being this cool. It actually hurts to think of how awesome it would be to give a null set of cares. I’d actually pay good money to see those beefy biceps put Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers in a headlock. Ten-thousand hours, my ass.

There is, of course, no way what Koepka said is true. He obviously plays golf without cameras following him. That’s how he got so good he could afford to make jokes like this.