Blocked Extra Point Turned Two-Point Score Swung Over/Under in Raiders-Chiefs

Liam McKeone
Oakland Raiders v Kansas City Chiefs
Oakland Raiders v Kansas City Chiefs / Jamie Squire/Getty Images

The late-afternoon matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Oakland Raiders got out of hand quite quickly as the Chiefs gave their divisional rivals the business. Most casual viewers turned off the game because, well, why would you keep watching?

Some fans, however, had some money on the final score. The over/under for the game was set at 48.5, and when the Chiefs went up 38-3 with five minutes left, those who bet the under breathed a sigh of relief; even if the Raiders scored another seven points before the end of the game, it would put the point total at an even 48.

Well, things didn't go exactly as planned. The Raiders did indeed score a touchdown with 45 seconds left, but the extra point was blocked. No bigge, right? It wasn't, until the Chiefs returned that extra point for two points-- pushing the point total to 49. Just over 48.5

The over/under number swung between 48.5 and 49.5. If you got it at 48.5 it turned a loss into a win or vice versa, if you got it at 49 it turned a loss or win into a push.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the bad beat of the week- for those who bet the under, anyway.