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Chiefs Jacket Catches on Fire During Bengals Game

Liam McKeone
Fire! /

The Kansas City Chiefs visited the Bengals in Cincinnati today, playing in the early afternoon slot in a game that has significant playoff implications. The Chiefs got off to a good start with two quick touchdowns, but not all was well on the Kansas City sideline.

It is cold in Cincinnati, as one might expect, and the Chiefs have big heaters lining the sidelines to ensure everyone stays toasty and ready to go. At one point, somebody got too close to one of the big fan heaters and his jacket apparently caught on fire. The broadcast caught the immediate aftermath, where stuffing was flying around and the camera managed to catch the massive burn hole in the jacket itself.

We're not even an hour into the first slate of games and all sorts of weird stuff has already happened. We have this, a fire on the sideline. Then we had Jalen Ramsey slapping his own teammate in the huddle before a Ravens snap in Baltimore.

What more will Week 17 bring? We all watch with anticipation.