Chiefs' Frank Clark on Derrick Henry: 'No Difficulty in Tackling Him'

Kyle Koster
Frank Clark unafraid of Derrick Henry.
Frank Clark unafraid of Derrick Henry. / Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Derrick Henry has rushed for more than 180 yards in three straight weeks, a Herculean feat. He's put the Tennessee Titans on his back in playoff wins at New England and Baltimore. He's large, in charge, and an absolute menace to tackle.

Or at least that's the conventional wisdom. Kansas City Chiefs defensive end Frank Clark has a different take.

Clark sounds confident. He also sounds like Skip Bayless bending reality to get his millionth zinger in on LeBron James.

Why a person would do this is beyond me. Does this look like a person you should serve a heaping helping of disrespect?

Clark and the Chiefs had all sorts of trouble bringing down Henry back in November when the running back ran for 188 yards and two scores in a Titans' victory. So this claim is even more hollow.

I'm not a big believer in bulletin board material. Tennessee and Henry were going to try to make the Super Bowl even if Clark had kept his mouth shut. It's just hard to see an upside for this particular bit of trash talk.