Josh Allen Nearly Started a Brawl By Hitting a Defender in the Helmet With the Football

Josh Allen and some fans.
Josh Allen and some fans. / Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Josh Allen took a horrible sack late in the fourth quarter as the Buffalo Bills were trying to make an improbable comeback against the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Championship Game. After the whistle blew, Allen was taken down by Alex Okafor. Allen did not like how the play finished so he threw the ball and hit Okafor in the helmet from point-blank range. Then all hell broke loose.

Jon Feliciano, who had been punched by Chris Jones earlier in the game, came running in to hit Okafor. Chris Jones got involved. Allen, Feliciano, Okafor and Dion Dawkins all ended up getting unsportsmanlike penalties which somehow offset. A bunch of other guys pushed and shoved, but ultimately, nothing came of it except for some hurt feelings.