The Chicago White Sox Did Not Intentionally Slight Keynan Middleton

Quinn Harris/GettyImages

People couldn't help but notice that New York Yankees reliever Keynan Middleton's name was nowhere to be found on the Guaranteed Rate scoreboards last night. And they couldn't help but wonder if it was intentional after the former White Sox player ripped the culture on the South Side.

That would have been a good story and one of the lamest bits of revenge ever but it turns out that there's a much more boring explanation for how a guy who has thrown 185 innings over a seven-year career and wears jersey No. 93 was not properly identified.

If you think about it, intentionally slighting a player who as accused the organization of being a mess would be a very weird way to prove that his allegations were false. It would also rely on enough people noticing what was happening on the video boards to create a stir — which happened here yet easily could have been entirely missed because everyone's so buried in their phones nowadays that they don't even look at the out-of-town scoreboard.

Nothing to see here. In this one, specific case the White Sox do not deserve any criticism.