Chicago Sun-Times Sports Section Goes With Daring Tom Brady 'GOAT LOAD' Headline

Stephen Douglas
Tom Brady
Tom Brady / Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Tom Brady won his seventh Super Bowl on Sunday when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat the Kansas City Chiefs, 31-9. Some people might consider seven Super Bowl victories a "boatload" of championships.

Winning a "boatload" of championships is very important if you are making a case that you are the "GOAT," as Tom Brady is. When you combine those two things for the sake of a pun, you get, "GOAT LOAD." That is exactly the direction the Chicago Sun-Times sports section did. Then they tweeted it last night. And then the Internet said, hey, what's that say?

It is unclear how long the original tweet remained up, but they quietly deleted it. Many people had also taken note that the trophy was blocking the first two letters in SPORTS, which made this the "ORTS GOAT LOAD." And they mixed up the score. And boatload is one word, not two. Just a rough outing all around.

Anyway, here's confirmation that this is not some clever deep fake as I have confirmed that the headline exists on the Chicago Sun-Times E-Paper. This also means that anyone who gets the physical print edition of the Sun-Times now has an ORTS GOAT LOAD cover that they can have framed.


Editors, remember that not all puns are worth the LOLs.