Chicago Cubs' Killjoy Usher Shows No Emotion While Destroying a Glorious Pyramid of Empty Beer Cups


The Chicago Cubs beat the St. Louis Cardinals at Wrigley Field last night, but the real show took place in the bleachers where a group of fans compiled a large number of empty beer cups and created a large pyramid. Or beeramid, if you will. Unfortunately, before the structure was completed, an usher came over knocked the whole thing over.

There are some serious logical issues with this decision. First, the cup pyramid is no danger to anyone. They're empty cups. What are you worried is going to happen? That they might fall over and make a mess? Besides, the easiest way to pick those up is to stack them while they're in the pyramid. Does this guy not watch cu- stacking videos?

Those are probably the same questions the fans around the pyramid were asking. They seem shocked and upset by the usher's actions. They boo. They give him the thumbs down. That's how you know this guy was out of line. Just let the kids (and adults drinking lots of beer) have fun out htere.