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Chevy's Sopranos Commercial Is an Early Super Bowl Winner

Ryan Phillips

The Sopranos returned to your televisions on Super Bowl Sunday thanks to a Chevy Silverado commercial. It was incredibly well-executed, doing enough to make you feel nostalgic for that amazing show, but was restrained in a way that didn't make it over-the-top.

The commerical opened with that familiar song, "Woke Up This Morning" by Alabama 3. As it continued, it was clear Meadow Soprano herself -- Jamie-lynn Sigler -- was driving a Chevy Silverado through the same route Tony Soprano took during the opening credits of the show.

As if to cap things off, Robert Iler, who played A.J. Soprano, meets her at her destination.

Here's the commercial:

That was just so good. Sigler told People that she "ver much felt" James Gandolfini's presence while shooting the commerical.

A big win for Chevy, and all of us who loved that show.