Chess Robot Breaks 7-Year Old Opponent's Finger Because He Moved Too Soon

'San Fermin' Chess Tournament in Madrid
'San Fermin' Chess Tournament in Madrid / Miguel Pereira/GettyImages

A robot broke the finger of a 7-year old during the Moscow Open, a chess tournament in Russia. That's right the first robot to attack a human child was a chess robot. The child apparently didn't follow the safety rules that one must abide by to survive a chess match against a robot and had his finger pinched when he went to make a move before the robot completed his own.

Sergey Lazarev, the president of the Moscow Chess Federation said, “The robot broke the child’s finger," and according to every article about this he then added, "This is of course bad.” I'm not sure if his sentiments were lost in translation, but that makes for an incredible quote. Apparently the child finished the tournament with a cast on his finger.

So over the last few days we've seen guns mounted to those dog-like robots and a chess robot broke a kid's finger because he did not follow the rules. Don't worry, I'm sure there's nothing to worry about.