Chelsea's Thomas Tuchel Snapped at the Press Over Roman Abramov and Ukraine - Russia Questions

Stephen Douglas
Chelsea v Liverpool - Carabao Cup Final
Chelsea v Liverpool - Carabao Cup Final / Michael Regan/GettyImages

Thomas Tuchel snapped at the press on Tuesday after fielding yet another question about the crisis in Ukraine. Tuchel, the manager at Chelsea, is subject to these repeated questions because the club's owner is Roman Abramovich, a Russian billionaire and buddy of Putin.

This is understandably awkward for Tuchel. He wants to focus on sports. He doesn't want to get in trouble with his boss. But if he thinks one little freakout during a press conference is going to stop people from asking questions, he's going to continue to be in an uncomfortable position.

Reportedly, Abramov is going to try to do something after Ukraine reached out to help with peace talks, so maybe he can make all the uncomfortable questions go away. Among other things.