Check Out This Robert Sacre Content

Kyle Koster
Robert Sacre
Robert Sacre / Takashi Aoyama/Getty Images

Robert Sacre is a guy basketball fans might find themselves remembering when they remember some guys. The former Gonzaga big man played four years with the Los Angeles Lakers before zipping over to Japan to get more run with the Tokyo Sunrockers, which by the way is an elite nickname.

The 30-year-old retired last year but has kept himself in decent playing shape. He is a great example of the type of dude who would show up as a ringer in some men's league and make accountants and insurance salesmen wish they'd never signed up to play.

Footage of Sacre participating in a Japanese slam dunk contest made its way onto the internet Saturday morning and it's an enjoyable minute. Come for the inability to take flight. Stay for the extremely suspect scoring from the friendly judges.

And yes, I will be straight with you good folks. This archived footage. But it doesn't matter.

There is no bad time to think about Robert Sacre or see him doing things. Or think about what he could be doing right now. Great way to spend a Saturday morning as I've always said.