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Chase Young Wants a Piece of Tom Brady

Stephen Douglas
Chase Young calling out Tom Brady.
Chase Young calling out Tom Brady. / Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

The Washington Football Team is headed to the postseason to take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in primetime on Saturday night. A big reason Washington is in the playoffs - aside from being in the worst division in football - is the play of rookie Chase Young who registered a sack and fumble recovery on Sunday. As Young and his teammates ran to the locker room, Chase Young was caught on video yelling, "Tom Brady! Tom Brady, I'm coming! I want Tom!" The video was then posted on the NFL's TikTok.

While we await Tom Brady's official social media manager's response, Bruce Arians was asked about what Young said.

Big words from Arians, who is in the playoffs for the first time since 2015. The Bucs come into the postseason without winning their division and finishing with the fourth-best record in the NFC. Tampa hasn't beaten a playoff team since Green Bay in October. The only other .500 team they beat all year was the Las Vegas Raiders.

The Bucs should win this game. Washington is a sub-.500 team from the NFC East and they won't even have a real home field on Saturday. But to pretend Young, who is good enough to be brimming with hubris, shouldn't be calling out Brady is silly. Tampa better protect their 43-year-old quarterback this weekend or Brady won't be able to unleash an excellent clapback meme and Arians will end up being the one who should have been careful what he wished for.