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Chase Young Called For Horrible Roughing the Passer Call on Matt Ryan

Stephen Douglas
Chase Young hits Matt Ryan. Lightly.
Chase Young hits Matt Ryan. Lightly. /

Chase Young is the latest victim of the NFL's emphasis on eliminating contact with the quarterback from football. On a 4th and 2 play Young chased down Matt Ryan in the backfield as the was trying to throw the ball down field.

Ryan pump faked and Young put his hands on his chest, clearly trying not to be to rough on the passer. Young continued to run past Ryan as the Falcons quarterback lost his balance and threw the ball up in the air as he went down on one knee. Ryan's knee was down before the ball left his hand so it didn't matter that a WFT player caught the ball. Further negating the play, officials threw a flag on Young. An absolutely atrocious call.

The Falcons took advantage of their second chance, scoring a touchdown a few plays later that expanded their lead from one to eight points.