Chase McLaughlin's Missed Game-Winning Field Goal Almost Killed Someone

Ryan Phillips
Chase McLaughlin
Chase McLaughlin / Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

Chase McLaughlin was a hero for about a half hour Monday night, then quickly became a goat with one of the worst missed kicks of the season. The San Francisco 49ers kicker's shank was so bad, it nearly took out some bystanders.

After nailing a 47-yard field goal to send the 49ers to overtime against the Seattle Seahawks, McLaughlin had a chance to win the game in OT. It was another 47-yard field goal and it didn't go well. The ball hooked so badly to the left, it landed in the tunnel.

Here's the shot from the tunnel:

The Seahawks took over and two drives later kicked the game-winner, ending the 49ers' undefeated run with a 27-24 win.