Chase Elliott Gave Kyle Busch the Finger After He Turned Him at the Toyota 500

Stephen Douglas
Chase Elliott
Chase Elliott /

Chase Elliott was near the lead late in Tuesday's Toyota 500 at Darlington Speedway when Kyle Busch "turned" him. If it looks like a dangerous thing to do, that's probably because it is. Elliott went sideways, bounce off a wall and slid back into traffic. Luckily he was alright.

The announcers wondered if Busch had misjudged the space between cars when he hit Elliott, but Elliott standing there, giving Busch the finger as he came around the track again, makes you think isn't going to believe that. Unsurprisingly, Busch, a professional race car driver, said after the race that he had misjudged

Elliott, and most people on social media, may not buy that story.