Chase Buford Furious at G-League Referees After Team Blows 21-Point Fourth Quarter Lead

Stephen Douglas
Chase Buford was not happy with the referees.
Chase Buford was not happy with the referees. /

The Grand Rapids Drive beat the Wisconsin Herd, 126-117, in G-League action on Sunday. Grand Rapids overcame a 21-point fourth quarter deficit by outscoring Wisconsin 48-20 in the final 12 minutes. After the game, Herd head coach Chase Buford gave a legendary interview, ripping the officials.

It's really a combination of what he had to say and the state of his hair. Anytime a guy with hair of a moderate length becomes slightly disheveled, he looks a little crazy. Add in a rant about G-League officiating and you seem unhinged, no matter what the free throw disparity was.

Buford is the son of R.C. Buford, the CEO of the San Antonio Spurs, who has twice won NBA Executive of the Year.