Sports Illustrated's Charlotte Wilder Discusses Giving Back on Her Birthday And What She's Working on Now

Brian Giuffra
Charlotte Wilder of Sports Illustrated.
Charlotte Wilder of Sports Illustrated. / Rich Polk/Getty Images

Sports Illustrated senior writer Charlotte Wilder has established herself as one of the top young journalists in sports media, authoring a highly-insightful story about the declining attendance in college football last year while also being versatile enough to make Gronk's Super Bowl Beach Party seem cultured. But while her written work stands out, it was a birthday tweet she posted that led me on my journey to find out more.

On March 25, her 31st birthday, Wilder posted the following on Twitter:

Initially I didn't see her tweet. I saw the replies and donations from the likes of fellow journalists Sarah Spain, Melissa Jacobs, and Charean Williams. After doing some research, I was inspired by Feeding America's cause and wanted to find out why Wilder was using her platform to promote it on her birthday.

That led to our chat, which you can watch in full below and also includes info on what she's working on now. However, I do think it's a worthwhile cause, and after doing some research, if you agree, I would urge you to donate.