Charlotte's Head Coach Walked Out in Flippers to Announce Team's Bahamas Bowl Berth

William Pitts
Marshall v Charlotte
Marshall v Charlotte / Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images

The Charlotte 49ers football team has had quite a season. Aside from being one of the comically overmatched opponents on Clemson's schedule this year (though they received $1 million for the fixture), the Niners have played their best football ever under first-year head coach Will Healy. With their 38-22 victory over Old Dominion on Saturday, they clinched their first ever winning season, and with it, their first bowl game appearance.

Earlier today, Healy himself came out in a scuba-diving outfit to announce to his team where they were headed. Appropriately enough, it was the Bahamas Bowl.

"We're going to the Bahamas!" Healy shouted, to the cheers of his team.

You don't often see scenes like this in college football, which is more regimented than ever as more and more money flows into schools' and coaches' coffers. To see a team this loose and relaxed, especially after such a historic achievement for their school, is a breath of fresh air.