Charlie Villanueva Says Kevin Garnett Called Him a "Cancer Patient"

By Jason McIntyre

Garnett has been an insufferable prick his entire career. Usually, the 6-foot-11 power forward directs his ire at guards, either delivering cheap shots or getting into scraps with guys who are significantly smaller than he is. Watch here as KG lowers his shoulder into a guard, and then a minute later, talks shit. What the hell is his problem? Who could forget this iconic image from the playoffs in 2009?

(Anthony Peeler is one guard who didn’t take his shit.)

Watch Garnett fall back like a coward here when a guy his size, Zaza Pachulia gets in his face. I wish Dwight Howard would have knocked him the fuck out in this game. Ditto for Amare here. Garnett is an instigator who has yet to prove he can back it up when the fists fly.

Being surrounded by Rondo, Pierce, Allen, and winning a title has only emboldened him.

The worst part is that the 2010-2011 Celtics are actually likable. Between Rondo, Shaq, fiery Nate Robinson, good-guy Ray Allen, and goofball Glen Davis, there’s a lot to like.

Except Garnett.