Wouldn't Mind Seeing Charlie From Manitowoc Get More Reps in the Green Bay Packers Booth

Kyle Koster

Comedian Charlie Berens put together this joyful bit as a joke because that's what comedians do. But if you dig past the laughter, there's something extremely endearing about having an Average Joe in the broadcast booth. In small doses, of course. With a world-class straight man like Wayne Larrivee.

Perhaps it's because networks are bending over backward and breaking banks to find anyone with modicum of authenticity and no one is more authentic than guy from Northeast Wisconsin or the Upper Peninsula. Trust me, I've done the research and no group on Earth cares less about how they are perceived. Their engines run on two things: dried venison and just being true to themselves.

When health protocols allow, perhaps there's something to be said for a Man on the Street Up in the Booth. Sure, there will be a few misses here and there but one never knows when the next sensation is going to come from. Hell, that person could seven beers deep up in a tree stand right now for all we know.