Charley Casserly: Dallas Cowboys Threw the Ball Too Much to Dez Bryant Last Year

By Jason Lisk

Charley Casserly is having a big week. Less than seven days ago, he started a firestorm by saying Kyler Murray was terrible in interviews at the Combine. That, in turn, led to Pro Football Talk discussing his conflicts of interest because he also gets paid to coach other quarterbacks on how to handle the Combine.

Today, Casserly was on the NFL Network discussing, well, Cole Beasley, and he had this to say.

This is your reminder that the Dallas Cowboys cut Dez Bryant a year ago, and he wasn’t on any team for most of the season. When he did sign with the Saints, he got hurt before ever taking the field. No one threw too much to Bryant a year ago, and certainly not the Cowboys.

When you add in the news that Bill Polian is retiring from ESPN after basically being phased out, it hasn’t been a great week for 70-something former NFL GMs in television.