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Charles Payne Called Dave Portnoy a 'Little Bitch' Live on FOX Business

Ryan Phillips
Charles Payne and Dave Portnoy on Fox Business
Charles Payne and Dave Portnoy on Fox Business /

Charles Payne invited Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy on his Fox Business show Thursday afternoon for a little chat about meme stocks. It went about as you'd expect.

Things quickly went off the rails, as Portnoy called Payne a "naive fool" and it ended with Payne declaring Portnoy was being, "a little bitch." Oh yeah, it was good television.

Here's the full exachange:

Payne seemed to be irked that Portnoy sold his meme stocks early, while many held on through the rough patch and have come out making big bucks on the other side. Some of those people have ripped Portnoy for selling. Payne appeared to be taking their side.

Either way, this conversation went off the rails early on and was complete chaos for about six minutes.