F1 Driver's Girlfriend Invades Twitch Chat to Ask Him to Unlock the Door

Stephen Douglas
Charles Leclerc
Charles Leclerc / Mark Thompson/Getty Images

Formula One driver Charles Leclerc was streaming a lawnmower race on his Twitch channel over the weekend when he got a new subscriber. The subscriber was his girlfriend, Charlotte Sine, who was locked out of the apartment. She subscribed and went into the chat to ask Leclerc to open the door.

According to this tweet from Leclerc, his girlfriend had to wait outside for 25 minutes before she was able to get his attention in the most 2020 way possible. If you watch the whole video above, which features Leclerc's very entertaining reaction, you will also see Charlotte start to walk into the room with his video game set up before immediately turning around. Apparently her appearance in the chat was enough.

Leclerc was later disappointed to find out that she only subscribed for a month. If Leclerc wants to keep his subs up, he's going to need to remember to lock the door again in late June.

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