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Charles Barkley: Zion Williamson Looks Like 'Me And Shaq Had a Baby'

Ryan Phillips

As we've pointed out before, Zion Williamson doesn't look great. On Tuesday night, video of Zion warming up and the guys at Inside the NBA had fun with it. Charles Barkley offered a few of the best lines of the night though.

When the video popped up, Barkley said, "It looks like me and Shaq had a baby." Just an absolutely amazing line.

Check it out:

Barkley discussing being concerned about Zion's weight and his future as a result. He said someone with the New Orleans Pelicans needs to be a grownup and confront the young superstar about his eating and training habits.

Perhaps most interesting is Barkley's story of Moses Malone confronting him when they played together with the Philadelphia 76ers. Malone called Barkley fat and lazy and it turned his career around.

It's rapidly approaching intervention time in New Orleans. Williamson is a brilliant player when he's actually on the court. He just can't seem to stay healthy. His weight is certainly a big factor in that.