Charles Barkley Thinks Victor Wembanyama Will Struggle in the NBA

Stephen Douglas
Boulogne Levallois v Roanne  - LNB Pro A
Boulogne Levallois v Roanne - LNB Pro A / Aurelien Meunier/GettyImages

Victor Wembanyama is almost universally considered a sure thing. He looks like he was created in a lab to play modern basketball and he's dominating overseas at just 19-years old. But not everyone is sold. TNT's Charles Barkley recently expressed some concerns because, "everybody wants this kid and he looks like he's great, but you really can't tell until he gets to the NBA."

"I think it's going to be a huge adjustment. The physicality... I think it's more physical than him playing against the Czech Republic. He's going to be playing against grown men. I mean he's going to be playing against grown men. And he's going to have to guard those guys on the other end also, which is going to bring him into foul trouble."

These are the same things you hear about every player who isn't built like Charles Oakley. As if the Czech Republic national team isn't full of grown-ass men.

"I want to see the kid play, I hope he is great. He's great for our jobs. I can't sit now here just because he is killing people over in the Czech Republic that he is going to come over here and dominate. I just don't believe."

Suffice to say, Barkley and other players from his generation probably do not think Wembanyama would have stood a chance in their era.