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Charles Barkley Ripped the NCAA During the Sweet 16 Studio Show

Stephen Douglas
Charles Barkley on the golf course.
Charles Barkley on the golf course. / Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images

Charles Barkley compared the NCAA to Barney Fife during Turner's Sweet 16 coverage on Sunday night. Barkley went on a small rant about the state of the NCAA after Kenny Smith said that college coaches like Mike Woodson have to follow a thick rulebook. Barkley was not having it. The fourth guy on set with Charles, Kenny and Ernie Johnson last night was Andy Katz, who works for the NCAA.

"It's time for them to get their crap together. They say they want to stop cheating, they want to make everything equal with the women, because that was a travesty and a disgrace. It's time for us, because we're in bed with the NCAA. It's time for us, you know we're doing all the social stuff in the NBA, it's time for us guys and the coaches to say yeah, man, you gotta do a better job."

This is the kind of thing you get when you put your high-profile NBA guys who get to say what they want on a college basketball broadcast where most broadcasters wouldn't dare address the state of the NCAA. Barkley probably shouldn't hold his breath waiting for any coaches to join him.