Charles Barkley on LaMelo Ball: "Never went back on defense ... I have a serious problem with that"

By Jason Lisk

LaMelo Ball scored 92 points in a high school basketball game. It has gotten a lot of attention. How does one score 92 points in a high school basketball game? Well, probably by shooting it very frequently. The highlights, particularly of the 4th quarter when Ball scored 41 points, show that he rarely crossed half-court on defense, and that it was a fast-paced game where his teammates would throw length of the court outlets to him.

Charles Barkley saw it, too, and commented on Mike & Mike this morning.

“You know, the kid was waiting at half court most of the game. Never went back on defense. So I had a problem with it, to be honest with you. Go look at the game. The kid waited at the other end of the court and

just every time the other team shot the ball, they just threw to him at half-court or three-quarters of the court. I have a serious problem with that, to be honest with you.”

Here’s some highlights: