Charles Barkley: LeBron Playing PG Won't Work, Taking Turns With AD Not His 'Brand of Basketball'

Ryan Glasspiegel
Harry How/Getty Images

While it honestly doesn't seem like it's been gone that long, the NBA is back. The Lakers-Clippers portion of the first evening's fare was just about as high stakes as a regular season gets. Both teams have new stars they're trying to gel with and the franchises hate each other by virtue of sharing a building.

Discussing the game on Inside the NBA, Charles Barkley wasn't overly impressed with the Lakers' strategy on offense:

"He can't play the point. That's not gonna work," Barkley said. "It can't work all the time. I don't like him playing the point. It makes your offense stagnant, in my opinion. Tonight, if you look at it, it was just him and AD basically taking turns. I don't like that brand of basketball."

Arguably a bigger longterm issue than LeBron and Anthony Davis figuring out how to gel will be the Lakers' bench. The Clippers' reserves outscored the Lakers' 60-19 last night. Yikes.