Governor Jesse Ventura Watched Charles Barkley Kiss Kenny Smith's Ass on TNT in 2002

Stephen Douglas
Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith.
Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith. / Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Charles Barkley joined Inside the NBA in 2000 after retiring from basketball. Barkley played his final four seasons in Houston with the Rockets. After missing the playoffs in Barkley's final year and the two seasons following, the Rockets ended up with the top pick in the 2002 Draft and selected Yao Ming. That chain of events ended with Charles Barkley putting his lips on the backside of a donkey on live television.

Yao went scoreless in his NBA debut and had scored 10 points in four games when Charles Barkley told Kenny Smith he would "kiss his ass" if Yao scored 19 points in a game in his rookie season. Yao then scored 3 and 7 points in his next two games, prompting Barkley to confidently revisit his proclamation as they promoted the Rockets - Mavericks game TNT would air the next week. Three nights later, Yao had 20 against a Shaq-less Lakers' squad. (Kobe had 46.)

The next week on Listen Up! Kenny Smith brought out a donkey and Charles kissed it while then sitting governor Jesse "The Body" Ventura was on set. It's an amazing cameo for Ventura, who asks how Yao managed to get 20 points on 9-for-9 shooting. Ventura also makes sure to tell Kenny that the Starting Lineup collectible he is holding an "action figure" and not a doll. This is right up there with his supporting role in Predator.

Another great part of this video is that Barkley also made fun of Shaq for sitting out with a "little pinkie toe" injury early in the 2002 season. Shaq would return three games later with the Lakers sitting at 3-9 on the season. LA ended up going 50-32. And then a decade later he's show up on Inside the NBA to renew his rivalry with Barkley.

[h/t: Reddit]