Charles Barkley: Joel Embiid Needs to Get 'Fat Butt in Shape'

Bobby Burack

Charles Barkley sure was Charles Barkley today on Get Up. When asked about the Philadelphia 76ers, Barkley had some praise but made sure to note Joel Embiid needs to get his “fat butt” in shape.

Barkley said he was called fat early in his career, which ended up being a positive for him. So, perhaps this was more of a motivating message than a criticism.

This isn’t the first time someone has brought up Embiid’s weight. Embiid’s foe Andre Drummond also uttered the other F-wordwhen describing Embiid a few years back. Of course, it wasn’t wise:

It’s always a treat to get Barkley’s take on these types of situations. An A-list guest if there ever was one.