Charles Barkley's New and Improved Golf Swing Has to Be Seen to Be Believed

Stephen Douglas
Charles Barkley's new swing.
Charles Barkley's new swing. / Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Charles Barkley is played the Regions Tradition Celebrity Pro-Am on Wednesday. According to the Shelby County Reporter, Barkley started the day by having a nice conversation about his basketball highlights with a kid from Children's of Alabama. Then he stepped into the tee box, took a nice smooth swing ,and put the ball in the fairway. Yes, we're still talking about Charles Barkley.

This swing is unrecognizable coming from Barkley. Years ago he had one of the most famous swings in the world because it featured the most awkward hitch imaginable. Look at some of these.

The fact that he could ever make contact using his old swing was incredible, but he stuck with it and look at him now. Barkley says he's been working with Stan Utley over the last few years and it's done wonders. The awkwardness was mostly gone when Barkley played in the match with Phil Mickelson, Stephen Curry and Peyton Manning.

To realize that the Barkley who teed off in Alabama today is the same guy from all those videos from all those years ago seems impossible. Barkley must have spent and insane amount of time working on this swing.