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Charles Barkley Gave Russell Westbrook Grief About Missing a Triple-Double for Gambling Purposes

Stephen Douglas
Charles Barkley and Russell Westbrook
Charles Barkley and Russell Westbrook /

The Washington Wizards beat the heck out of the Indiana Pacers on Thursday night, 142-115, to advance to the traditional NBA Playoffs. Russell Westbrook had 18 points, 15 assists and eight rebounds, coming within two boards of one of his patented triple-doubles in a season where he did that 38 times on his way to breaking Oscar Robertson's all-time record. This disappointed Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith who had money on Westbrook getting there for daily fantasy purposes.

This is just another thing you never would have seen a few short years ago. Gambling so integrated into a mainstream professional sports broadcast that you don't even think about it. Though this is the first time I can remember a broadcaster specifically complaining to a player about his stat line. Though this was obviously fun for everyone involved, you kind of wonder if we'll see a less fun version of this conversation somewhere down the road. It should be great content.