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Charles Barkley Fell Asleep During the TNT Broadcast of the Wizards - Sixers Game

Stephen Douglas
Charles Barkley sleeping during a basketball game.
Charles Barkley sleeping during a basketball game. /

The Inside the NBA crew is working a very long day today as TNT has three games on the first Sunday of the playoffs. The first game started at 1pm Eastern and the last game probably won't be over until after midnight so it is very important that everyone pace themselves. Or just grab a quick nap during the first game of the day like Charles Barkley did during the first half of the Philadelphia 76ers - Washington Wizards game.

Shaquille O'Neal caught Barkley sleeping backstage and had the video queued up for when Barkley started to break down what he had seen during the first half. Then everyone laughed because no one has more fun than this group. And then TNT put the video on Twitter.

As usual, it's good television, but also TNT promoting the fact that their analysts don't always take their jobs seriously.