Charles Barkley Took a Shot at Draymond Green on 'Inside the NBA'

Ryan Phillips

Charles Barkley has never been a huge fan of Draymond Green and he let the Golden State Warriors forward have it Thursday night. On Inside the NBA, Barkley took a shot at Green that had his co-hosts laughing.

Check it out:

Oh, ouch, that's a pretty serious burn. But, I mean, Chuck is right. Draymond isn't talking that much trash this year because he's averaging single digits across the board.

In 31 games this season, Green is averaging 8.5 points 6.3 rebounds and 5.5 assists in 29.0 minutes per game. His PER of 12.23 is his worst since his rookie season, as his his true shooting percentage of 48.3. So yeah, he doesn't have much to talk about this year.