Charles Barkley Couldn't Believe Kirk Herbstreit Picked Arkansas Over Auburn on 'College GameDay'

Liam McKeone
Kirk Herbstreit
Kirk Herbstreit /

The Arkansas Razorbacks are facing off against the 13th-ranked Auburn Tigers today as a part of college football's afternoon slate. As is tradition, College GameDay was tasked with predicting a winner for this matchup. Kirk Herbstreit, settling back into the college football scene after a brief foray into NFL broadcasting, made his pick with the usual dose of analysis and insight expected from ESPN's top CFB guy.

He went with Arkansas. Charles Barkley, one of the more famous Auburn alumns, was apparently watching and was so flabbergasted he texted Herbstreit while the latter was still on set expressing his disbelief.

It is rather bold of Herbstreit to pick Arkansas over a blue-chip program and the No. 13 program in the country in Auburn, but it's not like the Tigers have blown anyone away this year. Barkley has always been an unapologetically ardent Auburn supporter, though. Still, a fairly audacious upset pick by Herbstreit here.

Perhaps a Barkley appearance on GameDay next week is in order so these two can sort out their differences live on air. That's good content right there.