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Charles Barkley Loses His Mind Over Rudy Gobert Keeping Bees as Pets

Liam McKeone
Charles Barkley is mad
Charles Barkley is mad /

Thursday brought some bizarre news in the NBA playoff world as Rudy Gobert revealed he had been stung by bees on his nose ahead of the pivotal Utah Jazz-Dallas Mavericks matchup. It turns out Gobert keeps bees on his property and was simply out to visit some hives but something went awry. It won't affect his game-time status but still perhaps the weirdest injury to strike a player actively fighting in postseason play.

That, of course, makes it perfect fodder for the Inside The NBA team. They gathered before Raptors-Sixers to discuss the pair of Game 6s happening tonight and the Gobert incident was brought up. Charles Barkley proceeded to lose his mind about the fact that Gobert kept bees and repeatedly stated, with some emotion behind it, that bees are not pets.

Somebody (Barkley) absolutely got stung by a bee when they were a kid and it scarred them for life. Which is understandable. Those things can be nasty.

Maybe Gobert will follow Barkley's advice and just go down the street the next time he needs honey after this.