Chargers Already Changing Tune About Tyrod Taylor as Their Starter

Stephen Douglas
Tyrod Taylor
Tyrod Taylor / Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Tyrod Taylor probably thought he was going to be the Los Angeles Chargers quarterback this season. With Philip Rivers moving on and the team either striking out or passing on every viable free agent quarterback, it looked like the 30-year-old would have his chance. And he still might. It just depends on whether or not Justin Herbert is any good, according to head coach and chief Taylor champion Anthony Lynn.

Via Sports Illustrated:

"“We’re going into this thing: Day 1, Tyrod Taylor’s going to be starting it off,” Lynn said. “He’s earned that right. His teammates respect the hell out of him, he’s a leader on this football team. Our young quarterback’s gonna learn a lot from Tyrod Taylor. Tyrod Taylor’s one of the most respected players on our team, and he doesn’t say a whole lot either... [But] it’s a competition, bro. There’s a competition at every position, not just this one. I can’t just say Tyrod’s gonna be the starting quarterback for the whole year if this young man goes in there and wins the job.”"

Anthony Lynn

So the job is Tyrod Taylor's until the moment it isn't. And it sounds like the timing of that moment depends entirely on Justin Herbert's ability. If he's ready, the job will be his, short of Taylor becoming a golden-armed god.

This might work out for the Chargers as long as Herbert works out. But if he doesn't and Taylor struggles you'll be in a very precarious situation.