Los Angeles Chargers Were Perfectly Happy With Either Tua Tagovailoa or Justin Herbert

Kyle Koster
Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Los Angeles Chargers general manager Tom Telesco revealed on the Pat McAfee Show that the team was content to take whichever quarterback fell to them at No. 6. The Bolts ended up with Justin Herbert as the Miami Dolphins snatched up Tua Tagovailoa a pick earlier.

There are two different ways to view this. My particular lens blinded me to seeing any type of intrigue or actual value to the clip. The Chargers wanted to take one of the top quarterback talents in the draft and liked both options available. They didn't see a realistic scenario or have a desire to jump ahead on the board to put themselves in the position to make the choice themselves. Had Herbert headed to South Beach, taking the best player at the desired position feels like a no-brainer. This all seemed quite basic and plainly obvious.

A different person, though, could wonder why Telesco would say this out loud and into a microphone. What's the upside in letting Herbert believe he wasn't the No. 1 guy all along? Especially after sending a message to incumbent Tyrod Taylor by using the high pick on someone who can hopefully play his position at a higher level.

Perception is everything. There's a very real chance Taylor is secure in his position and Herbert already deduced this was the plan all along so Telesco's commentary may as well been elevator music.