Melvin Gordon Might Be Back Soon

Ryan Glasspiegel
Arizona Cardinals v Los Angeles Chargers
Arizona Cardinals v Los Angeles Chargers / Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Melvin Gordon, in the final year of his rookie deal, has been holding out from the Chargers over the last several months. While his replacement in Austin Ekeler has been serviceable, the Chargers are 1-2 and their season is in danger of spiraling out of their control if they don't turn it around. It was nevertheless somewhat eyebrow-raising when a reporter from the Cleveland Plain-Dealer, of all places, said the running back would be reporting soon:

Sure, yeah, okay. But then! Adam Schefter followed up with a report that was a little bit hedged but could indicate that Wright was on the right track:

It's unclear right now if this means that the Chargers are going to give Gordon more money in the form of either an immediate raise or more long-term guarantees than they had previously offered on a contract extension, or if Gordon would just be returning without that olive branch. Either way, this all seems like good news for the dozens of Chargers fans out there.