Referees Make Terrible Fumble Call on Justin Herbert Incompletion

Justin Herbert sets the stage for a terrible call.
Justin Herbert sets the stage for a terrible call. /

We've got our first truly heinous call of the 2021 NFL season, folks.

Justin Herbert and the Los Angeles Chargers were driving down the field, trying to overcome the three-point deficit to the Washington Football Team they found themselves in shortly after halftime. Herbert dropped back to pass and was hit as he threw to the corner. The referee on the sideline initially ruled the pass incomplete.

Upon replay, it was ruled a fumble. A fumble that rolled out of the back of the end zone because everyone thought it was incomplete, leading to a touchback for the Football Team.

It's just horrendous! What the hell were the refs thinking? It's pretty clearly an incomplete pass, but it would have been forgivable if it was ruled a fumble in real time then overturned. Football is a fast game and the individuals charged with enforcing the rules correctly are only human. But how could anyone watch that in slow motion a dozen times and decide it's a fumble?

It's early, but this is a very strong contender for the worst call of the season. And we aren't even through the 1pm slate yet. Impressive work by these refs.