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Chaos on 'Inside the NBA' After Charles Barkley Says 'Speaking of Coming'

Kyle Koster

Inside the NBA is a masterclass for so many reasons. Primary among them is the simple fact that anyone on set will eventually run into something entertaining if you let them talk. About anything. No matter how trivial or juvenile. Every once in a while Charles Barkley attempts a segue by saying "speaking of coming" and the whole operation grinds to a halt while the studio erupts in laughter.

That's what happens when it's 1 a.m. local time and you're only a quarter of the way through a long playoff season. Things get a little loose and slap-happy. You want to give the viewing audience, who just watched a doubleheader, one last little thrill before they pass out on the couch and arise to an old episode of Charmed. And so you go broad and lean into the innuendo and the next thing you know Shaquille O'Neal is weeping from laughter.

Classic Chuckster.

A lot of shows will go out of their way to tell you that they like to have fun but this one — this one right here — lives that life.