Chandler Parsons Told an Incredible Kobe Bryant Story on 'All The Smoke'

Houston Rockets v Los Angeles Lakers
Houston Rockets v Los Angeles Lakers / Harry How/GettyImages

Chandler Parsons is on the latest episode of All The Smoke with Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson. Parsons was asked about his favorite Kobe Bryant story and he had a pretty great one about his rookie season.

Late in a game between the Rockets and Lakers, Kobe asked Parsons if they were staying the night. Parsons was wary of Bryant because he'd been told to be. Kobe then said he would get his number from Jordan Hill and would set him up at a club. Parsons couldn't believe when Kobe actually texted him after the game and then had a heart attack when the bill came.

Keep in mind this was long before John Hollinger gave Parsons that huge deal. Parsons made just $850,000 as a rookie so that bill would have been quite a chunk of change for him at the time.

In case you were curious, this would have been April 6, 2012. Parsons started and scored 13 and the Rockets beat the Lakers, 112-107. Kobe had 28 in the loss and Matt Barnes actually played 30 minutes for the Lakers that night.

Considering the result of the game and Barnes' reaction, it seems that Parsons actually took quite a risk accepting Kobe's invitation to go to a club he wasn't even attending, but it certainly worked out for him in the end.