Chandler Parsons and Actress Bella Thorne Appear to Be Canoodling

Ryan Glasspiegel

Bella Thorne, a 19-year-old actress who has starred in the shows Big Love and the Disney Channel’s Shake It Upsat courtside at last night’s Grizzlies game wearing a Chandler Parsons jersey and fishnet stockings. As you probably guessed by now, she documented the evening on Snapchat:

The two were spotted together (via a few grainy photos) in Mexico during the recent NBA All-Star week.

This has thrown a wrench into the apparent relationship between Parsons and Chrisley Knows Best (a show I’m aware of because it comes on right after WWE, and is excruciating) daughter Savannah Chrisley, who apparently spent last night stewing about Bella Thorne in her Instagram story.