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Chandler Jones Unfollowed Kyler Murray on Twitter

Ryan Phillips
Arizona Cardinals Training Camp
Arizona Cardinals Training Camp / Norm Hall/GettyImages

There are few things we love more in professional sports than social media drama. We got some in the NFL on Tuesday.

Things have gone great on the field for the Arizona Cardinals this season. The Kliff Kingsbury experiment has succeeded as the Cards enter the last week of the season at 11-5 and have clinched a playoff spot. But off-the-field there's a bit of drama between All-Pro edge rusher Chandler Jones and quarterback Kyler Murray.

Jones has unfollowed Murray on Twitter causing gasps from the social media-watching public. Apparently, Jones asked Murray to follow him back, but Murray hasn't. So Jones unfollowed him.

My God it's so petty. I love it.

Chandler, ease up man. I have close family members that don't follow me on Twitter -- and really, who could blame them? Murray is a little busy carrying the Cardinals to the postseason, maybe he doesn't have time to waste on social media.