Chad Millman Discusses Chicago Fans and the Process of Planning the Front Page of

Ryan Glasspiegel

Chad Millman, who is VP/Editorial Director of Domestic Digital Content for ESPN, joins the podcast this week. Millman was one of the drivers behind We the Fansa multi-platform project chronicling a section of Chicago Bears season ticketholders.

The program — which debuts on Tuesday, April 11th on ESPN — will include eight TV episodes, written and photographic digital features, post-episode podcasts hosted by Sarah Spain, and more.

On the podcast, we discussed:

  • The general scope of the series, and some of the archetypal characters it involves
  • The planning process for the front page of
  • Some of the stories from and ESPN the Magazine from over the years that Millman is most proud of
  • Whether the NFL ever reached out to him about ESPN’s gambling vertical, Chalk.
  • What Millman did in the brief interlude of his career, during the Internet boom, where he had left ESPN.

Hope you enjoy!