Chad Kelly Deletes Twitter Account After Florida State Superfan Mia Khalifa Shares Direct Messages

Kyle Koster

Noted adult film star and Florida State fan Mia Khalifa zinged Ole Miss quarterback Chad Kelly after the Seminoles’ comeback victory on Monday night. Khalifa posted a direct message from the Rebels quarterback with the suggestion he should have been better acquainted with his team’s playbook. Kelly’s Twitter account happened to disappear overnight.

As far as sliding into DMs goes, this is fairly innocuous. Then again, Kelly should have known better given Khalifa’s history of releasing such communication to the public at large.

Her specific accusation that Kelly, the self-proclaimed best quarterback in the nation, didn’t have a working knowledge of Ole Miss’ playbook doesn’t carry much weight. He looked fairly competent while slicing the Florida State defense for three touchdowns en route to a 28-6 halftime lead. But hey, to the victor go the spoils and right to “expose” the vanquished.