Chad Johnson Thinks Andrew Luck Should Soak His Ankle in Warm Urine

Bobby Burack

The latest on the Andrew Luck front comes from Colts general manager Chris Ballard saying his calf strain has turned into a high-ankle issue, and the team considers him “likely” to miss all of preseason. As alarming as this whole situation is beginning to sound, there may be a simple cure. According to former wide receiver Chad Johnson, anyway, who is advocating for Luck to soak his injured ankle in warm urine.

Johnson is a man speaking from experience, of course:

At first read, this may sound like a joke, but it’s not. In 2016, Johnson said on ESPN radio he would use warm urine form his teammates to help cure ankle sprains.

Talk about a home remedy. It’s hard to say if other players have also tried this. Because, well, who else besides Chad Ochocinco would admit to such a thing? But, hey, if it works and keeps you on the field, who are we to judge? And if we are being honest: Andrew Luck with an ankle soaked in warm urine is better than no Andrew Luck at all.