Chad Johnson Doesn't Follow Etiquette Rules in 49ers Locker Room

Brian Giuffra
Celebrities Visit Build - September 4, 2018
Celebrities Visit Build - September 4, 2018 / Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

Chad Johnson has always played by his own rules, even back when he was a wide receiver in the NFL, so why would anything be different for him as a working media member? Answer is, it isn't.

Johnson flouted all the unwritten rules of being in a locker room with a camera crew after the 49ers beat the Rams on Saturday night, apparently slapping 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo on the butt while Jimmy G wasn't fully dressed.

There are some things working media members aren't allowed to do in locker rooms. Asking for autographs is one. Taking photos is another. I think we can safely add slapping quarterbacks on the butt while they're in their underwear to that list.

Now, while Johnson isn't your typical working media member, he still was assumedly there with a credential, so some rules do have to apply right? Guess not. The Ocho Cinco show must go on.