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Chad Henne is on LinkedIn If You Want to Use His New Hashtag

Stephen Douglas
Chad Henne
Chad Henne / David Eulitt/Getty Images

Chad Henne led the Kansas City Chiefs on a game-clinching drive after Patrick Mahomes was knocked out of their Divisional Round playoff game against the Cleveland Browns. Mahomes was in the locker room to watch his backup ice the game and tweeted "#HenneThingIsPossible."

After the game Henne spoke with the press and was asked if he knew about the new hashtag. His answer was tremendously mature.

This is, of course, wrong. As of 7:30 p.m., there were eight posts featuring the hashtag HenneThingIsPossible. And sure enough, Henne's LinkedIn profile is very thorough. He has a Bachelor's in Liberal Arts and Sciences from Michigan and nine people have endorsed his "quarterback fundamentals." Somebody better get on there and endorse his wheels because he was fast on that third and 14.